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Native IP infrastructure

Our infrastructure runs over 100% IP technology, which allows us to integrate multichannel contacts with the purpose to offer to our customers a big portfolio of service options. At the same time we can work with teleworkers that can be easily adapted to our customer needs, optimizing their costs and offering a high quality of service.

Is it known the need to integrate multichannel contacts to the traditional Contact Center environment with the purpose to offer a big options range of contact. That’s the reason why from Yeeeu we count with the capabilities to add branches or group of spread agents to our infrastructure; achieving important costs savings using only one network to transmit voice and data.

This means that we count with an intelligent network developed to support different kinds of applications based on our customers’ needs.

Some of the benefits of our infrastructure are:
- Automatic service distribution, administration and setup
- Integrated security
- Open standards and innovation
- End to end integration